Function Summary

Main & New Functions

Main Functions

  1. Automatic tracing images of lots of formats, including png, jpg, bmp, gif, pdf, etc.
  2. Options for vectorizing images by Edge, centerline, Color or Grey Color.
  3. Convert raster bitmap images to Ai, SVG and PDF vector graphics with one click.
  4. Powerful preview to inspect the result in detail.
  5. Quickly vectorize very large images.
  6. Manual adjustments for a cleaner, sharper and more accurate result.

New Functions

  1. Support exporting of vector art of up to 64 colors.
  2. Separated Color Mode for variable images and requirements.
  3. Preprocessing smoothing function further simplifies complex images, which is four times stronger than that of version one.
  4. Unique edge enhancement function avoids overlapped boundaries.

Creative Photography Tools for Mac

Free Download. 10 days Free Trial with Full Features.

Mac Photo Editor Photo Background Eraser mac Photo Eraser Mac

PixelStyle Photo Editor Mac

Alternative to PhotoShop on Mac ( Filters, Text, Vector, Paint, exposure, hue...)

Super PhotoCut Pro Mac

Removing Image Background from Transparent Objects ( veil, glass, water, fire... )

Photo Eraser Pro Mac

Removes Unwanted (Watermark, Date, People...) from Photo and Scales an Image
Free Download. Full Features Free Download. Full Features Free Download. Full Features