Vectorize Image on Mac Tutorials

How to Quickly Vectorize Images on Mac?

Step 1. Open Super Image Vectorizer on Mac. Import image files to the preview pane of Super Vectorizer. free download vectorize image on mac Download Super Vectorizer here if you Haven't installed it yet

3 ways to import your image:

Method 1: Directly drag your image to Super Vectorizer for Mac workplace;

Method 2: Click "Import" to open an Image in the app's preview pane;

vectorize image on mac

Method 3: Click File menu, then click Import or press Command & I to open an image of JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, PSD, PDF, TIF, ICO etc.

quickly vectorize image on mac

vectorize image on mac

Step 2. Export the image vectorized result to your Mac.

Once you import your image, the vectorizing workflow will begin automatically and you may review the image vectorized result immediately. The last step is to export the result after image vectorizing completion.

vectorize picture mac

vectorize photo mac

Click "Export" to save vector image as Ai, SVG, DXF or PDF on Mac.

Step 3. Reopen vector image for further editing

Reopen your vector image for further editing in Windows or Mac application such as Adobe Illustration, CAD, PixelStyle Photo Editor…

Mac vectorize image

Creative Photography Tools for Mac

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Mac Photo Editor Photo Background Eraser mac Photo Eraser Mac

PixelStyle Photo Editor Mac

Alternative to PhotoShop on Mac ( Filters, Text, Vector, Paint, exposure, hue...)

Super PhotoCut Pro Mac

Removing Image Background from Transparent Objects ( veil, glass, water, fire... )

Photo Eraser Pro Mac

Removes Unwanted (Watermark, Date, People...) from Photo and Scales an Image
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