Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Update to the Latest Version Listed Outside Apple Store?

The version of Super Vectorizer on Mac App Store is always up-to-date and these two versions have same functions, which are both the latest, so it is not necessary to update from other websites.
Their version numbers are different, that's because to publish a new version on other websites or application stores, we have to change the version number once we make any minor update, which is not required by App Store.

How to Get a Full Version?

1. You may go to App Store to download the latest version:
2. If you do not want to buy on App Store, you may download a registration version from our official website:
and buy a registration code from:
After the installation of Super Vectorizer, copy and paste the code to the registering window to register.

Is the Version on App Store a Full Version? What’s the Difference between That and Other Versions That Need a Registration Code?

The latest version Super Vectorizer on Mac App Store is certainly to be a FULL version. Currently, we have two versions of Super Vectorizer, one is App Store version; the other is trial version with some restrictions. The only difference is that users need to pay before downloading from Mac App Store, while on other websites, users can directly download and try our App, but are unable to export or save any file before buying a registration code. They never differ in function.

How to Achieve a Centerline rather than an Outlined Shape?

You may trace the centerline of an image with the newly added “skeletonization” function in “Line Mode”.

If I Import a Transparent PNG and Create a SVG, Will It Keep the Transparency or Will This Be White?

Super Vectorizer will keep its transparent background after vectorization and will not randomly hallucinate more details than you provide.

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