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What Are the Advantages of Super Vectorizer?

Super Vectorizer for Mac has many unique features created by pioneered vectorizing technology and can output smooth, sharp and accurate results with faster speed.

1. One-click Vectorizarion: Simple
Simply drag & drop the file to the workspace, and the reasonable parameters are preset for you to instantly see the optimal vectorized result. The last step is to click “Export”.

2. Smoother, Sharper, and More Accurate Result
Powered by fire-new engine and unparalleled tracking algorithm, Super Vectorizer is definitely your solid choice to precisely convert raster bitmap images to clean vector graphics compared with other tools.

3. Efficient Image Segmentation Algorithm: Clearer
Create a new color-tracking model that adopts an exclusive and efficient image segmentation algorithm to segment and merge regions, making vectorization results clearer and more accurate.

4. Unparalleled Option for Edge Enhancement: Easier to Adjust
Unique technology to clear the border, which fixed the bug of regional overlap in former version, greatly simplifies the graphics information after tracking and avoids the loss of the information of image boundary, making the automatically generated vector graphics easier to edit and adjust.

5. Enhanced Preprocessing Smoothing Function
The enhanced preprocessing smoothing function further simplifies complex images, which keeps the clarity of images when reducing noise and smoothening images by effective and powerful image smoothing algorithm that is four times stronger than that of version one. It greatly improved the quality of images and output desired result faster than ever.

6. Up to 64 Colors: more natural and vivid
The newly upgraded Super Vectorizer supports up to 64 colors and makes the vector output color more natural and vivid. No matter how noisy or colorful your image is, users still can get clearer, more vivid and reliable results by adjusting the color.

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